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What are Squad Memberships?

Squad Memberships are an innovative way to improve your dancing… quickly! It is also a cost-effective way to make use of the all the classes and courses, appropriate to your level, at Spin City Dance.

Squad gives you the benefit of the team-tutorship: Salsa Squads are designed and led by Sharon Pakir; the Brasil Squad by James Athanassiou; and both are ably assisted by Spin City PRO team instructors and carefully selected mentors.

Squad membership is a superbly crafted dance syllabus that helps you to quickly combine technique, improve your partnership skills, and find what is uniquely ‘you’ so that you can become the dancer that you long to be.

In general, squad membership requires a set 5-6 hour per week commitment, are organised so progress is made within a team, offer progressive level training, performance opportunities as well as intense technical attention that is level-appropriate.

As anyone who has ever been a part of a sports team or dance troupe knows, one of the biggest benefits of a Squad structure is the social connection and bonds that are made, in a supportive team-learning environment.

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Salsa/Mambo Squad

You can join the Salsa/Mambo squads, and have your training focussed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You can choose which 2 days you prefer, or attend them all to get maximum benefit, at no extra cost!

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Brasil Squad

The Brasil Squad is suitable for Zouk dancers and Samba de Gafieira lovers. Membership of the Brasil Squad includes classes in both Zouk Lambada and Samba de Gafieira and training is focussed on Thursdays.



Combo Squad      

If you can't decide which style you want to focus on, OR you prefer a cross-disciplinary approach to your dancing, simply mix and match the nights you want to do and enjoy the benefits of tailoring the perfect combination of styles to your passions!


General Squad Information

Benefits and extra classes:

Squad membership covers your compulsory Squad classes, and as well as any other class at Spin City that is appropriate to your level. Please consult the term timetable for further information about extra classes. Squad membership also gives you priority when booking or organising private lessons and studio hire for practice.


It is desirable to have a partner with whom you are registering for Squad Membership. This ensures even ratios for both dance classes and performance classes. We encourage you to come as a partnership, as Salsa, Zouk and Samba de Gafieira are partner dances, and great connection is vital to both the execution and enjoyment of these Latin styles.

It may not be essential, to have a partner for Squad acceptance, but preference and places will be given to partnerships first. If you do register without a partner, you may be excluded from performing in competitions, but certainly not from non-competitive performances. While Spin City Dance may be able to assist you to find a partner, it is not our guarantee.

Time Commitment:

The time commitments listed under each Squad description above are compulsory squad attendance times. You should be aware, however, that all squad memberships may require extra practice and rehearsals, particularly when a performance or competition is nigh. You can expect extra rehearsal times to be scheduled on some weekends.

You are also encouraged to organise practise times with your partner, team, or other team members. Studio space at Spin City can be booked at just $5 per person, per hour.

Financial investment:

Each Squad membership, per term, per person, is $360.
For $60/WEEK [$360 per term] , you get unparalleled value, a guided dance journey, & unlimited classes in all our dance styles. As a member, you get priority for private lessons & studio hire, & ANY of our weeknight classes for free. Memberships give you the most bang for buck (as little as $4 per class) AND have been proven to show the most improvement in your dancing in a short space of time!


All performance courses span 2 terms, and this must be committed to as a full squad member from the outset.

Squad membership is paid as an upfront fee at the beginning of term, and does not include extra studio hire time, costumes or Spin City logo attire.

Email us to express your interest in our squad memberships!