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Class Levels

Spin City Dance courses and classes are designed to progress both your technical standard, knowledge of forms, and to add layers to your salsa dancing and partnerships.

The following descriptions are intended as a guide only, so that you can begin to understand our modus operandi, and to help you to make choices if you are transferring from studios overseas, interstate, or from another Melbourne studio.

Please know that there is always a willing instructor who can best advise you on your appropriate level, and that if you have signed up for a course, there is no problem transferring to another class or level, if it is not right for you.

These descriptions are standards within on1/LA salsa only. That means, that even though you may be an Advanced dancer in Cuban, or even Latin American Ballroom, you would be classified as a Beginner dancer in on1/LA Salsa terms, but would simply be expected to progress quickly due to a solid dance background.

Complete Beginners- level 1

Come to any of our Beginner/Fundamental classes in all 3 dance styles, no dance experience necessary! You don't even need to bring a partner - all we assume is that you'd like to pick up a cool new skill and groove to great music, and cater to a comfortable level of learning until you feel confident with the basics!

Improvers - level 2

Improvers Level at Spin City Dance is an upper or high Beginner Level. It assumes that you have done Salsa before- at least 3 months, and that you are well-drilled in your basic, your 5 basics, as well as in Salsa rhythm and timing.  As most social Salsa clubs do not drill the 5 basics to the extent that we do at Spin City, it is usual that most social dancers are at our Improver’s Level, even if they have been dancing for over 12 months.

The levels at Spin City are less about how long you have been dancing, and more about how much technique has been drilled into your basics. Many students who do higher level courses with us, often combine them with Improver’s Level classes, so as to consolidate their basics and to automate terminology. Students habitually repeat this level, (even advanced students) to continually improve their foot work as well as to perfect lead-follow positions. This level is the absolute foundation stone of on1/LA Salsa, and shouldn’t be bypassed!

Intermediate - level 3

The intermediate level standard and array of classes builds upon the 5 basics, with a greater focus on lead and follow techniques, styling and shines. It assumes that you have done the Improvers Level, and that you know on1/LA Salsa terminology backwards. Generally, an intermediate-level dancer has been dancing On-1 Salsa for 12 month plus, and can freestyle well and easily. It is at the intermediate level that you would be encouraged to take on more technique classes, such as styling and spinning, which are essential for Salsa advanced levels.

This is also the level that we would encourage you to try Mambo (On 2), and to consider becoming a part of our Squad program, or even the Sydney Latin Festival student team. You may also like to take on another Latin style, such as Zouk Lambada or Samba de Gafieira.

Advanced - level 4

We classify advanced Salsa dancers not only by the amount of time they have been dancing (3 years plus), and skill level (e.g., unassisted triple spins), but also by their understanding of Salsa, which is personal and even intangible. Really, it is all about how well you do things, how much you can take in, and how you construct your Salsa, in terms of partnership connection, Salsa musicality and integration of the layers of Salsa (e.g. body movement and sensitivity to ‘hits’ and syncopation). Certainly, at Spin City Dance, advanced Salsa dancers are proficient Mambo dancers, and have generally been instructed by Sharon Pakir, or someone with an international reputation in New York style.